Exciting Housing Density Coming to South Mississauga

By: Case Feenstra Team

Exciting Housing Density Coming to South Mississauga

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Lakeview Village is a multibillion-dollar mixed use project planned for east of Port Credit on the former site of the decommissioned coal-fired Lakeview Generating Station. 


The new massive development will be built by a team of multiple developers over the next ten to fifteen years. The development will include highrise condos, townhouse buildings, new commercial and retail space, and access to a marina. 


These new types of developments emphasize the importance of well functioning public transit bike lanes, and other infrastructure that moves people. As many as 17,000 people will live in Lakeview Village with up to 8,000 new units. That is a lot of density for 177 acre development zone. 


The new development is being planned meticulously to entice buyers and create a more vibrant community. Instead of a single condo or apartment tower with nothing around it, Lakeview Village will include more amenities within close proximity to the new builds. These new modern urban planning approaches allow developers to create partnerships. These partnerships are key for coordinating density and planning adequate commercial and retail space. 


Partnerships between developers also create more opportunity for sustainable energy and design. For example, district heating may be a component of Lakeview Village which can greatly improve energy efficiency. 


Lakeview Village is an exciting development for south Mississauga. Interested buyers should pay attention as the development progresses. Demand can be expected to be high due to the proximity to the lake and the progressive urban design of the development.