New Design Finalized for Oakville Towne Square

By: Case Feenstra Team

New Design Finalized for Oakville Towne Square

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Downtown Oakville is idyllic as it gets. The renovations to Oakville Towne Square will modernize Downtown Oakville while maintaining the quaint village feel of the area.

In June 2018, the town of Oakville consulted with the public to discuss rehabilitation plans and possible designs. The town of Oakville recently announced the winning design for Town Square called “Turning Leaves”. Check out a picture of the design here.


The rehabilitated space will provide more opportunities for community events and add to the vibrancy of the area. The “Turning Leaves” design which was approved by town council, will be consistent with new Lakeshore Road streetscape redevelopment project.


According to Oakville’s website, the Towne Square will consist of the following:
- Maintained central lawn area
?- Paving, furnishings, light fixtures and tree planters to match those included in the Lakeshore Road Reconstruction project
Trees tactically placed to provide maximum growth and shade
- Granite seat walls and retaining walls
- Paved pedestrian ramp along George Street corridor
- Assorted horticultural garden beds
- A mix of both fixed and flexible seating options throughout the square
- Additional architectural lighting that will enhance the space year-round
- Ability to support large scale community events including accommodating the Christmas Tree in a prominent location
- New prominent water feature that will connect Lakeshore Road and the Square.


Construction on the project will begin this fall with a budget of about $2.3 million. Hopefully it will be complete by next summer for Midnight Madness and the Jazz Festival. We’re excited to see how the new Towne Square will turn out!