The Real Estate Market of Muskoka Cottage Country

By: Nate Van Beilen

The Real Estate Market of Muskoka Cottage Country

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Cottage country in Muskoka has doubled in value  in the past decades according to some estimates. The region is the world’s second fastest growing recreational real estate market after Cote d’Azur, France.

Whether you call it a cottage, a mansion, or an estate, the Muskoka region offers real estate that tops out at $25 million for a 19 acre, 18 bedroom, eight fireplace property.

The land in Muskoka was once given away for free by the Canadian government to attract hunters and trappers in now attracting American investors who want a rustic retreat.

The reason for American interest is the relative cheap Canadian dollar which is making Muskoka a good deal compared to Southampton, East Hampton, or other towns along the south shore of Long Island where one home sold for 147 million.

The demographic is changing in the area due to the high prices. Homeowners in Muskoka are only about half Canadian. More than a quarter are American and the rest are from Asia and Europe.

Wealthy cottage goers are also spending lots on travelling to their northerly properties; not by car but by chartered float plane trips.

But what really gets anyone out of the city busyness is the quiet, peaceful, and natural environment that can only be found in the woods and lakes. In the end, most people cannot afford a $25 million cottage, but perhaps it might not be the best way to enjoy nature anyways. 


Photo Courtesy of Gary J. Wood